Car Shampoos

  • Nanolex Washcoat 500ml

    Nanolex WashCoat is a very quick and effective way to protect and maintain exterior automotive finishes. WashCoat is applied onto the car after washing while the car is still wet. It  forms a chemical bond with the paint and previously applied...

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  • Poorboys World Spray and Wipe 16oz (473ml)

    Spray and Wipe is a waterless car wash you can use as a quick 15 minute solution for your dirty vehicle. If you have heavy dust or road grime, simply wash with Spray and Wipe without dragging out a bucket or hose. Spray and Wipe Does not contain any wax...

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  • Reactivating Shampoo (750ml)

    Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo is designed to clean and protect your car in a single, easy step. While washing your car, the advanced formula forms a chemical and molecular bond with previously-applied protective layers and refreshes them. Paint surfaces...

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  • Super Slick & Suds 32oz (946ml)

    The original car wash of Poorboy's World Super Slick & Suds is tried and true! A highly concentrated formula with superior lubricants, surfactants, and suds safely removes dirt and grime without stripping off wax or sealants. Super Slick & Suds...

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