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Polishes and Compounds


    Tripple is an all in one cleaner polish, enriched with pure Brazilian Carnauba. It’s easy application will deep clean paintwork, whilst glazing for shine and add a protective layer of carnauba in one easy step, making it the ultimate...

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  • Finishing Cut Polish 500ml

    NANOLEX Finishing Cut Polish removes fine scratches and holograms from all kinds of automotive paints, leaving a brilliant, high-gloss finish using either rotary or random-orbital machine polishers. Best results are achieved in combination with a...

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  • Heavy Cut Polish 1000ml

    Nanolex Heavy Cut Polish removes severe defects as well as sanding marks up to 1500 grid from all kinds of automotive paints with both rotary and random orbital machine polishers, leaving an even pattern that can easily be removed with Nanolex...

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  • Medium Cut Polish 750ml

    NANOLEX Medium Cut Polish is designed to quickly remove scratches, swirls and clouding as well as sanding marks up to 3,000 grit, leaving an almost perfect surface finish with just one step. Nanolex Medium Cut Polish can be used in combination...

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  • Nanolex Optimizer 200ml

    Nanolex Optimizer is a versatile and powerful product. It can be used as an effective spreading agent, aiding the application of coatings and polishing compounds which contain high molecular-weight polymers and ensuring a far easier buffing of the...

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  • Poorboys World SSR 1.0 16oz (473ml)

    SSR-1 - Super Swirl Remover 1 is the lightest in our line of Super Swirl Removers. This light abrasive is for removal of light swirls, oxidation, fine scratches, final polish/jeweling, and light over-spray. SSR-1 restores lustre and shine to your finish...

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