Tar and Fallout

  • Nanolex Insect Remover Ready to Use. 500ml

    Nanolex Insect Remover is a specialist alkaline cleaner for residue-free removal of insects, chitin, pollen and other organic residues, readying the car for the pre-wash stage. Carefully assorted active ingredients and a special surfactant combination...

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  • Nanolex Tar Remover 750ml

    Nanolex Tar Remover is a solvent-based specialist cleaner for the effortless removal of tar and bitumen. Free of halogenated hydrocarbons, it is suitable for all solvent-resistant surfaces and materials.   Apply the product undiluted to the...

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  • Oblitarate 500ml

    Auto Finesse Oblitarate Tar and glue remover is the easiest way to remove tar spots and glue residue from your vehicle Removes stubborn tar and glue residue. Doesn’t damage the underlying finish. Safe to use on all modern painted and...

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  • Poorboys World Bug Squash 16oz (473ml)

    Have some nasty bugs on your finish? Don't let them sit there too long because they can eat into your clear coat! Bug guts are highly acidic and can permanently etch into your beautiful clear coat. Bird droppings will have the same effect as well. Bug...

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  • Race Film Remover (750ml)

    Nanolex Race Film Remover is a highly efficient cleaner for race track related contamination. Due to the special raw materials it is a highly efficient cleaner and degreaser that easily removes encrusted oil, grease, rubber deposits, wax, bitumen, tar,...

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  • Stoners Tarminator 10oz Aerosol

    Product Description Tarminator The fast, easy way to remove tar, bugs, asphalt, and sap from auto surfaces. Tarminator quickly removes sticky tar, bugs, and stubborn grime that soap and water alone can't take off - even with a pressure washer. Great...

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