Oils and Additives

  • Ethomix Additive (250ml)

    Ethomix Additive (250ml)

    Frost is proud to inform you that our Ethomix is now endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) as a fuel additive for protection against corrosion in metals. Ethomix additive prevents corrosion in the fuel system and internal...

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  • Sta-Bil Fuel Stabiliser (236ml)

    Sta-Bil Fuel Stabiliser (236ml)

    For great performance and protection... YEAR ROUND! Whether you own a classic car, a boat, motorcycle, jet ski, mower, chain saw, line trimmer, or anything else that runs on petrol, if it is used infrequently the fuel in the tank will go stale. Petrol...

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