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  • Stoners Tarminator 10oz Aerosol

    Stoners Tarminator 10oz Aerosol

    Product Description Tarminator The fast, easy way to remove tar, bugs, asphalt, and sap from auto surfaces. Tarminator quickly removes sticky tar, bugs, and stubborn grime that soap and water alone can't take off - even with a pressure washer. Great...

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  • A1 Nano Scratch Polish 50ml

    A1 Nano Scratch Polish 50ml

    Rapidly and lastingly removes scratches from paint and plastic in only one step• Scratches in the paint (as can occur from going through the carwash or brushing against bushes) in door handle cups and in hard plastic surfaces...

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  • SDoc100 Paint and Plastic Polish

    SDoc100 Paint and Plastic Polish

    Clean with Sdoc100 Power Gel and then polish with this uniquely formulated Ultra-Shine polish for the ultimate finish. Part No. W01-3480 Removes fine scratches, revitalises the colour in one simple process. Solvent free so won't attack decals...

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  • SDoc100 Motorcycle Gel Total Cleaner

    SDoc100 Motorcycle Gel Total Cleaner

    New & improved for 2016, Total Cleaner+ is a first in motorcycle care - now formulated to dry without leaving water stains or the need to dry with a chamois – taking even more of the hard work out of bike cleaning! As its name...

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  • Blue Away (70g)

    Blue Away (70g)

    Blue Away has long been a favourite of the motorcycle industry. World famous chemical compound known to remove heat-caused discoloration or ""blueing"" from chrome, stainless, and other metals which have been exposed to welding or other extremely high...

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