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  • DINITROL 443 Zinc Paint

    DINITROL 443 Zinc Paint

    Long-term corrosion protection paint for all metals DINITROL 443 Zinc Paint is a quick-drying, long-term corrosion protection product for all metals. In accordance with DIN 50976, the metal combination of Zinc Paint is made up of 95% pure zinc and 5%...

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  • DINITROL MS 40 – 400ml Aerosol

    DINITROL MS 40 – 400ml Aerosol

    Dinitrol MS-40 is an essential addition to wour toolbox. It penetrates, lubricates, eases and rust proofs all metal parts Characteristics: A multi-functional spray for many different applications. The product is a non-greasy lubricant which is water...

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    420W Drum Sander 60mm

    420W Drum Sander 60mm

    Silverstorm 420W Drum Sander 60mm Adjustable 0-45° arm angle and quick-fit mechanism for easy tool-free fitting of accessories. Fast effective sanding on a wide range of surfaces. 1900 - 4000rpm variable speed and rocker power switch for easy...

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  • Eastwood Zinc Phosphate Aerosol (340g)

    Eastwood Zinc Phosphate Aerosol (340g)

    Replicate charcoal gray OEM plating with our Eastwood Zinc Phosphate Aerosol Duplicates the dark, charcoal gray appearance of zinc phosphate plating Nearly flat 4-8% low gloss finish 300°F temperature resistance. Great for under hood...

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    ACF-50 (Anti Corrosion Formula has previously been effectively utilised within the Aero space industry for several years and is now available to help to stop corrosion on your own motorcycle. ACF-50 has actually been awarded Aviation approval...

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  • ACF-50 Anti Corrsosion Spray

    ACF-50 Anti Corrsosion Spray

    ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Formula is a state of the art anti-corrosion/lubricant compound designed for the aero space industry. ACF-50 actively penetrates corrosion, lifting it away from the metal surface and repelling any moisture left behind...

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  • VHT Copper Gasket Cement

    VHT Copper Gasket Cement

    VHT Copper Gasket Cement has been formulated with the same ingredients as our world-renowned high temperature coatings. VHT Copper Gasket Cement maintains excellent adhesion under severe pressure and heat fluctuations. This high-metallic formula assures...

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  • POR15 POR Patch White (118ml)

    POR15 POR Patch White (118ml)

    For years our customers have asked us for a thicker version of our world-famous POR-15 for filling seams or holes. Here it is! POR PATCH BLACK is, quite literally, POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint  in a tube, and like POR-15 it dries as hard as a...

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  • Air Dry

    Air Dry

      Buy Two or more for €15 each!!   Small and light, the Air Dry dehumidifier fits easily and unobtrusively in vehicles. Whether on dashboards, in footwells, on back seats, parcel shelves or even inside the car boot, this little product...

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